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Tamper-proof On-metal UHF RFID label M6024-TP

Tamper-proof On-metal UHF RFID label M6024-TP
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Printing &

  • Read Range: up to 2m
  • Frequency: 860-960 MHz
  • Chip type: UCODE®
  • Surface : All surfaces, Metallic,
  • Key application : Healthcare, Asset Tracking,
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Tamper-proof On-metal UHF RFID label M6024-TP - A small sized passive On-metal UHF RFID label with an unique tamper-proof feature

60 x 24 x 1.2 mm tamper-proof on-metal UHF RFID label M6024-TP is an exceptional solution for securing IT & Industrial metal assets. Despite its small size it manages to achieve up to 1 meters read range, eliminating, in many cases, the need to use hard tags. Its small size also makes it a good solution for application on objects where application area is limited.

Unique Tamper-Proof feature

Boosted security by developing a unique tamper-proof feature in the M6024-TP on-metal RFID label. Any attempt of tampering will cause the antenna to be destroyed immediately thereby drastically reducing the read range from one meter to zero.

This drop in read range will render the tag non-readable and the system can be programmed to mark the tag as tampered with in case this sudden drop in read range is detected. This functionality makes the tag extremely versatile and allows for deployment across different applications where there is a need for enhanced asset security.

Printer compatibility

Tamper-proof On-metal UHF RFID label M6024-TP is designed to be compatible with leading RFID enabled thermal transfer printers. Labels can be printed on-demand and be applied on flat and curved surfaces without affecting performance levels. Its high performance permanent adhesive ensures strong adhesion.


  • Mount on Metal Applications
  • Logistics involving metal surfaces
  • Logistics of Liquid containers
  • IT and office assets tracking
  • Hospital assets tracking applications
  • Tools and kitchen assets tracking
  • Product:Tamper-proof On-metal UHF RFID label M6024-TP
  • Material:Printable white PET
  • Adhesive:High performance acrylic adhesive
  • Dimensions:60 x 24 x 1.2 mm / 2.36 x 0.94 x 0.047 in
  • Weight (g):0.6
  • Surface : All surfaces, Metallic,
  • Read Range:up to 2m
  • Frequency:860-960 MHz
  • Chip type:UCODE®
  • Interface protocol:EPC Class 1 Gen2 ISO 18000-6C
  • Memory:EPC from 96 bits to 128 bits
  • Data storage time:up to 20 years
  • Regulatory:CE, RoHS
  • Operating temperature:-20°C to +70°C / -4°F to +158°F
  • IP Protection:IP67
  • Storage temperature:+20°C / 50% RH
  • Customized printing:Customer specific layout including logo & text
  • Pre-encoding:Customer specific encoding of EPC

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